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The world of The Starry Wisdom Cult is a strange one, though long established. Emerging from the somewhat dishevelled Kingdom of Fife in Central Scotland, they have a natural predilection towards tales of nautical woe.

Indeed, surrounded by tumbledown seaside villages and ancient stone circles, it is entirely unsurprising that they have taken their name from the secretive and esoteric world of H. P. Lovecraft’s coastal New England.

Gathering at the end of the last millennium, The Starry Wisdom Cult have devoted themselves to a number of traditional punk and metal influences, such as Metallica and The Misfits. Yet the culminative ambience is a slightly different creature. Melody and deceptively warm tones lure the listener onwards while the siren song of dual vocals, sistered by dancing twin guitars, slither through the psyche. The waves coursing over carry much of the message of Kyuss and Corrossion Of Conformity with their easy wash.

The Starry Wisdom Cult are:


Ross - Vocals / Guitar

Simon - Guitar / Vocals

Graeme - Bass

Alex - Drums

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